Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Green buddies groupe shows!!!!

We just came up with a great idea!! we will hav mini stories that we create on helping earth and stuff. it will be cool. If you guys hav ideas on it leave a cooment. or make one up urself and we may puplish it on here.

Story: Endangered animels need help!

Panda: Im so hunrey i wish the humans wouldn't cut down all my bamboo
Tiger: Yea i hav to wacht out for hunters they kill me for my fur to give to humans to wear wen i need it!!
Panda: thats not right!
Tiger: i know i wish someone would help :(
Mark (a kid) : I could help!! Ill tell everyone to stop cutting down bammboo and killing cute animels for there fur.
Panda: but you only one person
Mark : Will one person could make a big differece in the world.

there the story. so be nice to endangered animels and u urself could make a big differce for the world :)

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